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• It contains UK, US and Worldwide coverage
• It is written by the world’s leading aviation journalists and contains photographs from the best photographers around!

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October 2016This month's issue of Combat Aircraft features a special 32-page supplement on strategic bombers of the world. This timely review of the key world strategic bombers comes at a time when they are in high demand.<br><br>USAF B-1B, B-2A and B-52Hs are current all deployed on combat operations around the globe, while Russian Tu-22M3, Tu-95MS and Tu-160 bombers are seeing regular action in current combat operations in Syria.<br><br>The issue also brings an insight into recent US combat operations in Libya, and of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit in the Persian Gulf.<br><br>Our cover story relates to an in-depth feature on life-extension programmes for US Navy and Marine Corps Hornets and Super Hornets, plus we feature A-29 Super Tucanos on exercise 'Green Flag', a USAF A-10 weapons exercise and a review of Italy's impressive new HH-101 Caesars, plus much, much, more.<br>

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