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Skunk Works teases with vision of NGAD

Lockheed Martin’s famous Skunk Works has released a new promotional video that features a tantalising glimpse of its vision of … Read More

KC-46 for Seymour Johnson

The US Air Force has confirmed that the first Reserve Command (AFRC) Boeing KC-46A Pegasus unit will be stationed at Seymour Johnson … Read More

Mysterious crash – what claimed the life of Lt Col Eric Schultz? UPDATED

It has now been widely reported that Lt Col Eric ‘Doc’ Schultz, a highly-experienced US Air Force test pilot, was tragically … Read More

‘Viper’ Weasels coming to Combat Aircraft

The Wild Weasel mission — suppression of enemy air defenses — has been little reported in recent times, but it remains an important … Read More

Show of force amid North Korea tensions

In a demonstration of US commitment to supporting its allies in the region, US Marine Corps’ F-35Bs of VMFA-121 ‘Green Knights’ … Read More

Photos from Russia’s military showcase

The Russian Army 2017 Forum currently under way is larger than ever before. The Main Armored Directorate is showcasing armament, military … Read More

End of an era at Hill AFB

The last operational F-16 is set to leave Hill AFB, Utah, in September, as the wing completes its transition to the F-35A. Hill F-16s … Read More

UK’s new carrier enters home port

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), the first of two new aircraft carrier for the UK, sailed into her home port of Portsmouth for the first … Read More

Hill F-35s on ‘Combat Hammer’

The 388th and 419th Fighter Wings from Hill AFB, Utah, have flown their F-35As during ‘Combat Hammer’, the first operational … Read More

North Korean tensions over Guam

As North Korea’s KCNA news agency said the country is ‘examining’ plans to launch missile strikes on the US territory … Read More

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